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Our ever-so-popular backyard offset smoker “The Babe” is currently on hold.  We will review bringing it back again in 2024.  The Babe is a small batch, limited item.  If you are looking for an outstanding backyard offset, visit our sister company Workhorse Pits.

The Babe is a 24” diameter offset smoker mirroring our larger commercial pit's look and outstanding performance.

Stock (as shown)                            $N/A
(includes dual main lower grates, two thermometers, 5" bullet hole caster). 


Available Additions:

- Top slide out racks with one

additional thermometer                   $N/A

- Hard rubber 6" casters                  $N/A

- Probe connectors.                         $N/A

- Sausage hangers (three poles)        $N/A

- Cowboy Grill firebox                    $N/A



- 41” x 24” diameter cooking chamber with two cooking grates totaling 36”x 23 ½”

-  24”x 24” diameter firebox.

- Two Tel-Tru Primitive Pits self-calibrating thermometers

- 3/4" grip door handles.

- 5” brushed solid surface bullet hole casters


Each of our pits has its own unique patina finish and is truly one of a kind. If you would like to make a request for certain patina colors, we will do our best to accommodate. However, please keep in mind colors are limited and options depend on what we have in inventory.

Photographs of each build are only available through our professional media services.

For additional information email us at:

Interested in more backyard offsets? 

Visit our sister company Workhorse Pits (here).

The Babe


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