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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is wait time for a build?

A: We offer two waiting lists. 1. Our "ASAP" list is for those wanting to get their offset as quick as possible.  We attempt to meet your time demand with reason 2. Our "Non-Rush" list is for those planning a future establishment or operation and aren't in a dire hurry.

Q: Can I choose the color of my tank?

A: We purchase tanks by the tractor trailer load based on a specification to ensure the optimal performance we promise for each unit.  Tanks are not chosen for patina or color..  Due to our high volume, it is very difficult to "choose" from what we have on the shop lot.  You can send us a photo of what you might have seen and we can try to get very close.  We want you to be happy and have the offset patina and color that fits your brand.  We will do everything to help achieve that.

Q: Do we offer photographs of your build?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer any in-house photos of the production of your offset.  You can purchase a media package from our partners at Meaningful Inc.  They have several affordable packages available.

Q: What are the differences between the Primitive Pits Babe and Workhorse Pits (our sister company) smokers?

A: Please watch this video HERE

Q: How do I get pricing?

A: For the commercial units (250 gallon, 500 gallon and 1,000 gallon) we have a very informative price sheet with all the options, including, additions, trailers etc.   Just email us here and include what size offset you're interested in.

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